Education the way forward!

Quasia and myself have spent the last 2 afternoons talking too year 5 & 6 children in a localschool! Well actually I did the talking and Quasia looked cute. We talked about what Guide Dogs do and what services they provide. The children asked about what it was like to be blind and what challenges I faced on a day to day basics. We talked about simple acts of kindness not only to Guide Dogs owners but to each other. I am a true believer in education is the way forward to help disabled people integrate into everydaysociety and to help stop disability hate crimes. The children were really great and very polite, in fact they were a real credit to their parents and all the staff at the school. If the future is in the hands of our children the way we educate and what we expose them too has never been so important. After meeting the children I feel a bit more at ease knowing that anyone of these children could make a massive difference to someone’s life.


A simple act of kindness…

As I made my way to a local café to write my blog today I was walking along and thinking about what I was going to write.  I stopped at a crossing to wait for the traffic to clear and a gentleman told me that it was safe to cross.  This simple act of kindness brightened up my day and helped me to decide the focus of my future posts.

Karl And Quasia in Dudley

Karl And Quasia in Dudley

As someone who is severely sight impaired there are many obstacles that I have to overcome so when some one or something makes my life that little bit easier it really does make a massive difference.  You can read more about me and my dog Quasia in my About me page.

Yesterday I attended Shrewsbury Mobility Centre for Guide Dogs for the blind and we talked about fundraising and the impact that Guide Dogs have on visually impaired people.  We also talked about the services Guide Dogs provide for young people such as buddy dogs and guide dogs and also white cane training, this is especially important as many local authorities have cut funding for these activities.

My journey yesterday was made particularly easy as a friend gave me a lift there and back.  It isn’t always this easy…

Later today I will be going to Oldbury Causeway Green School, to begin two days of talks to school children about the difference that guide dogs make.  I am hoping that through these talks young people will learn and influence their parents and families about the benefits of guide dogs and also the importance of not parking on pavements.  Many people don’t realise that while the average car costs £6000, to train and maintain a guide dog it costs a staggering £50,000.  If more people realised this they would perhaps think more about where and how they park.  I will also talk about what it means to be severely sight impaired not to be frightened of people who are blind and how we need support.

When I have finished this post I intend to catch the bus from Dudley bus station to Oldbury and will be interested in the attitude and helpfulness of my driver.  If there is no audio commentary they are supposed to ask where I want to get off the bus but I have got an audio GPS just in case.   If all else fails I will hope for another simple act of kindness from a fellow passenger and I don’t that this will happen.