Greatest strength

So on a dull Sunday morning my 8 year old daughter asked me the question “Dad what is your greatest strength “, she had been watching something on TV.
I thought about the question, mulled it over for a short while and answered “my will to do and achieve”. I then also added it is also my greatest weakness. Now my daughter was having a problem understanding why my answer was both the good and bad part of my character. I explained to be determined is not a bad thing has long as you consider the impact to others. I went on to explain about the fundraising group that I am Co Ordinator of for Guide Dogs and how it was a team effort not just all my work. That we all put in to the group, we all had ideas & what is more we all share the work load. I went on to explain that I was determined to succeed but had learnt not at all costs. That because I was determined it helped others to push themselves forward and achieve what they needed too.
We are in the process of planning something for Guide Dogs week in the first week of October. If it comes off has we are all hoping it could be a real game changer for our group. Now I may of had the original idea but the core of our fundraising group have taken up on it and are moving forward with it. So from something that has always been my greatest weakness I am gaining strength from others and it is quickly becomes a us side of my character. All this from a simple question from a 8 year old, you learn so much from children.


Attitudes towards Disabled People

Random Happenings and Observations

Last year I missed Blogging Against Disablism Day, so this year I am determined to write something. I decided to write this year about changing attitudes towards disabled people as experienced by myself and my husband. We are both blind.

I believe that the government and the media have a lot to answer for. Long-term unemployed people are branded as work-shy scroungers and people who claim disability benefits are probably fakers. Members of the public are actively encouraged to seek out these fakers and scroungers and expose them for fraudulently claiming benefits to which they are not entitled. Around 50% of disabled people are currently unemployed, this being a higher percentage than for those who are able bodied, so the belief on the streets is that disabled people are more work-shy than their non-disabled peers.

The figure for blind people is much higher. Currently around 70% of blind people of…

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