Doing the right thing

As a young child one of my grandfathers liked to “do the right thing”. He always used to say it to me that as I grew I would understand more. His doing the right thing put a big strain on all the family, with us all having to make massive life style changes. As a teenager I preferred to do my own thing. When I became a parent I pushed forward, cut out a lot of things, took a bit more care, reduced the risk as it were. I started to understand what my grandfather has said all those years ago.
In my 20’s I used to see what was wrong, but always thought someone else would put it right. In my 30’s I was too busy trying to provide to be worried about putting things right.
Now in my 40’s the world is seen differently for me now. I might not see though my eyes but I am more aware of the world around me. “Doing the right Thing” is now an everyday thing. Reporting things that are wrong, pavement parking, refusal of services and all the little things that make visually impaired lives that little harder.
So why write this blog you wonder. One of my uncles spoke to me today asking how things were going and how Quasia was working etc. he then went on to say that my Grandfather was right about me, I had the fight inside of me to do right thing I just needed something to bring it out. Strange how a accident that impacted my life so much and changed the course of my life could bring something out. My uncle added at the end of the call how proud my grandfather would have been to see what a father I had become and how I had grown into a gentleman who not only knew the difference between right and wrong, but was willing to stand up for what was right. He ended the call with and you know what Karl you have made me very proud too.
So it seems it took an accident for me to be able to do the right thing