The way forward

So most of last week was spent preparing and doing the “Park It Don’t Plonk It”
So what is PIDPI, basically it has been set up between our local police (West Midlands Police) & Guide Dogs. It promotes good parking, not only discouraging pavement parking but encouraging sensible parking where ever they park. A warning ticket is placed on cars that are not properly parked. It has been designed to look like a parking ticket. It carries info on why not to block pavements and who they are effecting. It was decided to try and educate before punishing/ fining them. I really like the idea and worked with Laura from Guide Dogs and the police to get it set up and the media attention to let everyone know about the PIDPI. We went on BBCWM and got photographed and video to within a inch of our lives.
We did most of this on a open street and a lot of the residents came out to see what was happening and liked the idea. We even let the Sargent from Sedgley a long white cane walk and he was truly amazed how difficult pavement parking makes someone else’s life. As a WPC from Somerset says ” if you think you need to park on the pavement to stop an obstruction, should you be parking there at all”.
Park It Don’t Plonk It, it’s just better for everyone.