Stress and how I cope

So both myself and Quasia have been under quite a lot of stress over the past few weeks. I won’t go into the why and what for but for 1 of the few times in my life it has taken over somewhat. When I had sight I would run until it was gone, not so easy when you are blind and a tread mill just isn’t the same. Quasia tried to make a difference has usual trying to walk me to death and always being there.
At 3AM this morning I was sat listening to my Grandfather journal has I often do, he wrote most days of is adult life. A lot of my sayings are his and my father says most of my attitude is too.
My Grandfather went though WW2 and witnessed a lot of things that no one should have too. He wrote of hope and that even in the darkest pits human kindness could be found, to never give up. Hope comes first from within.
So this morning we went and found a big hill and climbed it,” better s rainy day on a hill than a sunny one in a office” has one of my T-shirts says.
Life can be hard at times but there is always the ember of hope, just hard finding it some days, but other days it helps to warm you just that bit.