My daughter

So it is fast approaching 5 years since I lost my sight, which is always a hard time. The what if’s and buts always pop up to say hello. On a plus side in the same week it will be 4 years since I got partnered with Quasia.
I have always tried very hard to limit the impact of my sight lost on my family.
I have said before that my youngest Daughter Bethany has grown up with my sight lost and being around a guide dog. At her parents evening the teacher mentioned that when walking she was always talking, mention stairs, bushes etc and that the teacher didn’t like it. I mentioned that what Bethany was actually doing was being a sighted guide and it was a life skill that helped visually impaired people get around safely. The teachers attitude suddenly changed.
So onto what happened. Both my girls help a child that fell over in the street and they made their father rather proud in that they showed compassion so freely. To encourage this I decided to get them both something has way of a reward. So this morning I reserved a couple of toys online at Argos (other toy shops are available on request). Quasia and myself set off to our local store to pick them up. We walked up the high street avoiding the A boards and street clutter and arrived at the store. I gave the reservation number off my IPhone and the lady put it though the till. She then went on to ask all the usual questions and then stated she thought it was great that I did the shopping. I made light of it that Quasia was crap at shopping unless I was with her.
So it carries on educating people that just because people are visually impaired they do lead a normal life, sometimes with the help of a guide dog, sometimes by themselves and sometimes with the help of their little daughter