My Grandfather

As with most grandfathers I always thought what a great man he was. He was focused, articulate, well educated and always had a wise word when asked. One of his favourite sayings was “education is the foundation that society is built”. As a family we have always instilled that education is never wasted if you want take on board what is out there to learn.
Now I did ok at school but now know I could have done even more. Some of my teachers were just that. Some of my teachers were true educators, people that I ended up learning a lot from. When I started my working life I ended up back at college and though further education. In fact all the while I worked there was never a year were I was not in a classroom somewhere. Before my Grandfather died a few years back, we used to talk for long hours about just about everything. Over a bottle of Port one evening he said that when I decided not to go to university he felt a great deal of disappointment has he thought I could achieve so much. He went on to say that over a few years he came to realise that I had carved out my own career path. He also went on to say that he had come to realise that education had many paths some easier than others. Now my grandfather had always been very proud of his children and grandchildren, what we had all achieved and on the most part how we lived our lives.
So onto today, this morning I went to my youngest daughter Bethany’s school assembly. She received a certificate ( not the first I might add) for always giving 100%. Sat there listening to the head teacher talk, my grandfathers voice came into thoughts and his favourite saying. Seems my daughter is well on her way to being a foundation stone. One proud father today as I am most days, but it is always good when others know


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