A step too far

I promise this is my last moan post for a while. 

It seems everyday there is more info and comment coming out about shared spaces. They are places I avoid like the plague, in my view they are confusing not only for me but my Guide Dog. There is nothing to stop vehicles coming close & frienghtening Quasia. The principles behind them is that you make eye contact and decide where you are going, rather difficult when 1 of you are blind. 

When we have used them Quasia has kept has close to buildings had doggy possible, then we hit all street furniture and A board etc. Really unpleasant places for us. 

So this morning I attended my local hospital for Physiotherapy. We walked there missing the little bit of shared space in Dudley Market place, onto the Guest Hospital. I entered the path as normal to be met by cars on the path. Now this is the main path into a hospital that by some fluke of construction been turned into a shared space for whatever reason, no notice or help. Luckily for me Quasia managed to guide me to safety.

I was taught the 5P’s of construction Planing Prevents P*ss Poor Preformance, something my local hospital and construction company seem to have never heard of. Not a happy Guide Dog owner to say the least. 


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