Incredible edible

So I’ve started helping at my community volunteering centre, to be precise in the growing zone. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that my idea of gardening is Tarmac painted green with a bar-b-que & a bar. A lovely lady called Donna wanted to turn part of the outside space over to growing some fruit & veg and asked for some help. She had managed to get the Princes Trust to build some raised beds and make some tyre planters. So I went along to see if I could lend a hand. 

Getting out & planting is not a hard thing in fact the hardest part for the first couple of weeks was keeping dry. Being out helping brought back memories of helping both of my grandfathers in their gardens has a young child and then has a teenager with their failing health. I’d forgotten how much I had learnt of them both. 

So why grow when you can buy so cheap from supermarkets etc. The first thing I’d say is freshness, there’s so much tastes that goes from a plant has soon as it is harvested. Next you decide what is put on everything, no poisons or anything that a commercial farmer might need to use. Growing things you’d might not get easily from anywhere else. The achievement of growing something and then being able to cook with it, has to be one of the best feelings. But for me one of my biggest aims was to help Donna bring together different parts of the community that might not normally cross paths. I’ve already  met a few new people, Geoff & a local PC Paul. So it has started and I have to admit I’m enjoying it. 

So far we have planted potatoes, carrots, shallots, bocolli and a fruit bush. We have plans for tomatoes and more fruit trees, I’ll keep you posted. 


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