An amazing week

On the whole most of my weeks are special in one way or another. The last week has been really special. It all started on Monday has most working weeks do. We got to visit Stourbridge College and chat with a group of young adults with special educational needs & their teaching staff. On the whole we enjoy these sort of things & it reminds me how kind and caring people can be. The innocence of the groups are always refreshing and wanting to fuss Quasia is always nice. 

On Tuesday  we spent time at Gather trying to help and chatting about what was happening later in the week. 

Wednesday was going to be a busy day, the day started with a visit to Brierley Hill Social Care Building and lending a hand to Health Watch & a chat with a lovely lady that was being interviewed for the safeguarding board. We spent a good while chatting in a group session & I loads out of it. It was mainly disabled people and I think we made a big impact. On the evening we were back at Gather for the passing out presentation for Princes Trust that had done so much work at Gather. It was a really great night, Gather finally came alive everything that Stuart & Lorriane been saying over the last month or so seemed that bit closer. All the young adults told some of their stories. Each told how they had gotten Different things from the course. We all were amazed how great they all were, some had come though some hard times & they were all a pleasure to know & chat too. After they had all gone we had the chat about how the evening had gone and how the space worked & all over a few beers ( have you noticed a pattern yet). It was a great night that I really enjoyed spending time chatting and listening to some great folk. 

Thursday meant a load of running about. We popped into the new ALDI and were so happy to hear so many local accents from the staff, something a lot of local people had wanted. In the afternoon we had my daughters parents evening. They both had done us proud, their teachers so positive about both, even thanking us for letting our daughters attend the school. We walked out very proud parents. On the evening we were attending the Dudley CVS awards. It was a packed venue and a great evening was instore. There were a lot of inspirational people and stories in the room. I only ended up winning the community action award, completely gob smacked by it and lost for words, something that does happen very often.

2 old friends from Hospital Radio also won awards which made the evening even more special. 

On Friday we popped in to show my parents what I had received, they were so happy and proud. It never seems to get old being told by your parents that they are proud of what you have achieved. The Gornal grapevine went into overdrive and over the day I got calls & texts about the prize from my family besides from friends & twitter went wild. 

So Saturday morning we set off and spent the day with Quasia’s puppywalker, with loads of tea & cake. Quasia & Lexi spent the day playing with the puppywalker’s dogs. Everyone was really happy. I went for a drink on Saturday night with a friend so all was good with life. 

Sunday morning I woke with a shock at just after 5, one I had slept in compared to a normal morning & secondly I woke with leg cramp. I had decided to make broccoli & Stilton soup and some bread at home, the broccoli being grown at DY1. I got sorted and dropped at Gather with all the stuff I needed to do an additional soup, so with the help of 4 unwilling teenage volunteers supplied by Donna they set to work on 10 pumpkins. We used the pumpkin meat to make a spicy pumpkin soup. So a few hours of chopping & cooking and we had managed to make a community meal. We got to spend a great 5 hours in the company of friends and people that we’d never met before. My girls got to do pumpkin faces & lots of arty stuff. I got to try lots of soup & coffee, plus lots of chatting. A really enjoyable Sunday one that I hope to repeat most months. 

It funny sometimes how you start a week with no expectations and it finishes with you looking back thinking what a great week you’ve had. 


4 thoughts on “An amazing week

    • Got children that need to be shown that disability should never mean inability. Life’s to short to spend behind a locked front door. Plus it really helps that I love where I live and my community. We have such great people here

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